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Congratulation to the 2014 Prize Winners Prize Winners

Prize Winners

The Grand Prize Winner for the "Weekend Quilt Retreat"
Laura Filer

Bonus Prize Winner "Janome Horizon MC 8900"
(generously donated by Janome)
Sandy Fry

Gift Bag Winners (valued at $100)
From "Cactus Quilts" - Rosemary Mead
From "Calico Cats Sewing Center" - Peggy Dybala
From " Fabrics Etcetera" - Sharlyn Fritz
From "Pinwheels and Posies" - Sara Richards
From "Quilt 'n Sew Studio" - Marcela Vain
From "Quilter's Cottage" - Diane Tidwell
From "Quilters Crossing" - Vera White
From "Quilter's Emporium" - Marie Carlson
From "Quilter's Quarters" - Joellen Bailes
From "Sew Contempo" - Diana Godfrey
From "The Quilt Room" - Sherri Olsen

$50 Gift Certificate
From "Cactus Quilts" - Pat Leonard & Rhonda Onwere
From "Calico Cats Sewing Center" - Nancy Boettiger & Alyssa Holub
From " Fabrics Etcetera" - Cheryl Vatsche & Tina rogers
From "Pinwheels and Posies" - Nora Kowallski & Debbie Westbrook
From "Quilt 'n Sew Studio" - Barbara Moser & Bonita Carr
From "Quilter's Cottage" - Elizabeth White & Anne Jacobs
From "Quilters Crossing" - Trena Stephens & Luzette Berry
From "Quilter's Emporium" - Crystal Drake & J Miranda
From "Quilter's Quarters" - Rebecca Huber & Norine Stein
From "Sew Contempo" - Linda Adington & Sally Wassermann
From "The Quilt Room" - Amy Coleman & Peggy Tolson

Daily Drawing Winners:

Cactus Quilts -                Susan Hanagriff, Sandy Bonnin, Barbara Moser, Lisa Keith, Mary Durner
                                        Marcia Ashline, Joellen Wilke, Bernice Sherrod

Calico Cats -                  Melissa Kaye, Betsy Andjelich, Kathy Richards, Kelly Baker, Charla McCrory
                                       Joyce Knudson, Joan Szijjarto, Nancy Carnahan

Fabrics Etcetera -           Marie Carlson, Janice Schindeler, Sally Wasserman, Bob Evans, Clair DorenKump
                                       Diane Olson, Joan Szijjarto, Belinda Purvis

Pinwheels and Posies -  Sandy Bonnin, Carol Basinger, Michelle Starbuck, Kimmi Stanley
                                        Karen Howard, Mary Durner, Annette Balcor, Libby Myers

 Quilt 'n Sew Studio -      Anna Gallagher, Marilyn Henry,Sara Richards, Kay Richards,Kim Baird
                                       Tammy Minnich, Stacy Sundgren, Joyce Knudson

Quilter's Cottage -          Coming Soon

Quilters Crossing -         Barbara Jones, Lynn Ellis, Denalee Housden, Elizabeth Holloway, Barbara Moser
                                       Beth Anderson, Sylvia Mata, Suzi Gemmell

Quilter's Emporium -       Virginia Martin, Tiffany Carter, Corine Swab, Mary Jo Russell, Niki Marshall
                                       Susie Randolf, Agnes Cain, Jan Delozier

Quilter's Quarters-          Debbie Reeves, Rosemary Mead, Bill Brown, Shirley Wentz, Kay Murphy
                                       Carolyn Lopez, Tammy Minnich, Kay Crabb

Sew Contempo -             Kelley Baker, Lynn Schwaab, Peggy Dybala, Kathie Nalle, Sandy Bonnin
                                       Janice Schindler, Suzanne Ruiz, Joan Thomas

The Quilt Room -            Julia Zamora, LouAnn Nichols, Leslie Yale, Ron Veltman, Michelle Starbuck
                                        Laura Filer, Miranda Stremming

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